A robust Transport Management System is a key component of any company’s ability to fulfil customer orders at optimal efficiency and cost. Sizanani’s Transport Management Solution is structured to transform a Customers current supply chain and it management into an enabler of rapid business change and complexity.

Sizanani is accomplishing this by unifying and simplifying solutions that govern, manage, and secure the Transport Management System process as well as its interconnecting IT Systems through securely conducting all Transport Management System business on the web.

The Sizanani Transport Management System enables the organization to:
  • Rapid respond to actual market demand.
  • Improve on-time deliveries.
  • Reduce the need for overtime and unproductive supply chain costs.
  • Optimization of capacity to meet and excel customer expectations (Loading Bays, vehicles, people etc.)

The Sizanani Transport Management System solution combines Order Generation, Loading / Off Loading Management, Transport Administration & Execution and Returns Management with end-to-end auditing to help ensure that all aspects of the Order-to-Delivery Cycle are securely and efficiently managed – including the impact of flexible logistics activity to business-critical assets and resources. These capabilities are available across all platforms and systems in the enterprise environment, in order to assure consistency of security enforcement. Tying together a collection of point products is expensive, includes overlapping functionality and could potentially result in security loopholes.

The Sizanani Transport Management System solution, as a fully integrated solution, reduces cost, eases deployment and administration, accommodates and correlates multiple business divisions, and helps ensure cohesive auditing and performance tracking of all TMS-related activities. sive auditing and performance tracking of all TMS-related activities.

The key features provided by the Sizanani Transport Management System solution are:
  • Role and rule-based planning based on our Customer's client and product database.
  • Planning optimization, administration and management of own and outsourced Transport Management System assets and resources.
  • Centralized and decentralized usability and scalability.
  • Auditing of administration and execution of complete Transport Management System activity.